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Our laboratory is studying on living environments in buildings and urban spaces, especially the sound environment, its current state, prediction/evaluation methodology and design/control technology. Capturing issues such as architectural acoustics, noise/vibration, communication, and soundscape, from the basic aspects of physics, psychology and physiology to social and cultural aspects, we are aiming to create a truly desirable sound environment. Furthermore, through comprehensive assessment of living environment and understanding of residents’ consciousness and behavior, we are exploring the future living environment and lifestyle from the perspective of comfort, health, safety, convenience and sustainability.

Affiliation & Facilities

Our laboratory was established in the University of Tokyo in April 1998, and had belonged to the Department of Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies, Division of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences for 21 years from 1999. From April 2020, the laboratory has been affiliated in the Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering.

Our laboratory is located in Engineering Building #1, Hongo Campus, and has a semi-anechoic room and a visual-environment test room. In addition, an anechoic room and an acoustic analysis room are located in Environmental Studies Building, Kashiwa Campus.

Eng. Bldg. #1 (left), Anechoic room (right)

Admission of Student & Researcher

Our laboratory accepts graduate students in the master and doctor courses through the entrance examination of the Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering. Detailed information is provided at Admission in the department's website. Applicants for research students and guest researchers can consult with the supervisor individually.

Graduating universities of foreign students:
Chonbuk National University, Pusan National University, Communication University of China, Beijing Technology and Business University, Zhejiang University, Chongqing University, Technical University of Berlin, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Parahyangan Catholic University

Collaborative Research & Entrusted Research

Our laboratory accepts applications for collaborative researches and entrusted researches in accordance with the university's rules. Detailed information is provided at the site of Division of University Corporate Relations. Concerning a research plan, prior consultation is favorably accepted.


SAKUMA Tetsuya, Professor, Dr Eng

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